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Changing Nameservers in Godaddy!
These instructions are for changing the names servers at GODADDY.
if you purchased your domain with any other registrar besides GO Daddy or In A Pickle Webdesign, please contact their support system for directions. 

 If you purchased your domain name here with your In A Pickle Webdesign you don't need to worry about your name servers as they are automatically set for you.

For Go Daddy....

1. Browse to: 

2. Login to your account. 

3. Click on the  "My Account" tab on the right side of the screen.

4. Click on Manage Domain Names (left side of screen) - this will open your dashboard in a new window.

5. Select your domain from the list. (place a check in the box beside your name) 

6. Click on the icon for Nameservers at the top 

7. Choose the "I have specific nameservers for my domain" and then enter and in the specified area.

8. Click Ok and then Save

9. You will be redirected to your domain dashboard and there should be a, "Name server modifications are pending," next to your domain name